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NPR reported in 2018  that 77 percent of women had experienced verbal sexual harassment, and 51 percent had been sexually touched without their permission. About 41 percent said they had been sexually harassed online.

Sexual harassment of employees in the workplace violates Tennessee and federal civil rights laws. Our skilled Knoxville sexual harassment lawyer can help you as an employee who has been sexually harassed at work. if you are being harassed it’s important you contact a skilled Tennessee sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation and other remedies against the employer. contact a experienced 

Harassment that is sexual in nature includes verbal, written, or physical conduct that is unwelcome, especially when it involves sexual  advances. Employers who retaliate against employees who refuse sexual advances may also constitute workplace sexual harassment. Employers have obligations under federal and state law to protect their employees from harassment by their managers, supervisors, co-workers, and others in the workplace whom they can influence, such as independent contractors or clients.

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What Are The Rights and Protections For For Someone Who Files A Sexual Harassment Complaint?

In order to protect yourself and your legal rights, you should respond to each type of harassment appropriately. Obtaining something in return for something else is one form of quid pro quo harassment. Sometimes, supervisors seek or demand sexual favors in exchange for promotion, a raise, or the opportunity to continue working for them. Some females are fired when they refuse to give in to such demands, and of course, this is illegal a skilled Knoxville sexual harassment lawyer can help you in asserting your rights ha an employee.

Tennessee Employers Who Retaliate Against Employees Who Refuse Sexual Advances May Also Constitute Workplace Sexual Harassment.

Employers have obligations under federal and state law to protect their employees from harassment by their managers, supervisors, co-workers, and others in the workplace whom they can influence, such as independent contractors or clients.

A retaliatory act against an employee who properly complains of sexual harassment is illegal. A Tennessee employer may not retaliate by degrading or terminating employees at a subtle level, or it may be more dramatic. This action is illegal, and if you have sought prior legal advice, their actions are in violation of the law and increases the likelihood of you being vindicated. 

As long as you assert your rights, you will not be retaliated against for reporting sexual harassment. Schedule a confidential consultation with our Knoxville sexual harassment lawyer today to discuss your legal rights and options.

If I’m a Victim of Sexual Harassment in The Workplace Can I Sue?

Yes, but it’s important to remember that most employees in the U.S. are at-will employees. For these reasons, it is possible to fire most employees with no warning, no matter what the reason for the firing might be.

Nevertheless, the law protects you from being terminated for illegal or unlawful reasons. Including firing if:

The discrimination is based on a protected characteristic (such as race, religion, or sexual orientation).

For complaining about unlawful activity (such as sexual harassment, violation of wage and hour laws, whistleblower reporting, etc.).

Should you feel that you have been a victim of of sexual harassment or any other harassment in the workplace by a employer in Knoxville or throughout Tennessee, you should contact a skilled Knoxville sexual harassment lawyer to discuss your situation.

Knoxville sexual harassment lawyer

When You Should Talk to a Knoxville Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

During a promotional event for a product your team has been working on, a coworker made a lewd proposition to you. There has been a lot of bad behavior at work by this coworker in the past, including sexual innuendos and other bad behaviors. Yet, you love your job and work for a company with a “work hard/play hard” culture. Although justified, you fear that making waves about your coworker could hurt your career. At this point, you should consult with an experienced Knoxville sexual harassment lawyer.

If your employer has grievance procedures in place, we can assist you in making a complaint or grievance. You can also file an administrative complaint with the state or with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Upon receiving your right to sue, our Knoxville sexual harassment lawyers will guide you through the legal process to help you reach a settlement with your employer or pursue a favorable conclusion in court.

To conclude, it is imperative that you seek legal advice from a skilled Knoxville sexual harassment employment lawyer as soon as you discover that you may be the target of sexual harassment. The legal process may still be able to vindicate you if you fear seeking the advice of a Tennessee sexual harassment law attorney because of the lack of witnesses, and because it is “his word against mine.”

We can help you seek compensation and justice if you have been subjected to sexual harassment at work. Our Knoxville employment law attorneys are prepared to investigate your sexual harassment complaint to determine if you have a valid claim.

Reach out to one of our Knoxville sexual harassment lawyers for a free case review.

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