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 Throughout the state of Tennessee, our Tennessee  employment attorney serves individuals who have been harassed by a a co-worker or employer. Our Tennessee employment attorney has decades of experience providing clients with effective legal representation along with the extensive resources needed to protect your rights. 

In accordance with U.S. Department of Labor statistics, Tennessee’s employment statistics show steady growth over the past decade, but more recent figures indicate a slight increase in unemployment throughout 2021 due to the Covid pandemic. Tennessee’s employment sectors include government, construction, trade, transportation, hospitality and manufacturing services, transportation. State workers are drawn from these diverse sectors, resulting in a multi-talented workforce.

Tennessee is growing, stabilizing, and becoming more popular throughout the U.S., as evidenced by the positive employment statistics. In those situations where residents’ rights are challenged, they may be experiencing a different reality. The state of Tennessee gives its employees the right to insist on high standards.

An employee should know his or her rights when it comes to workplace harassment. Employees of Tennessee may work in a variety of employment sectors, but there is no discrimination based on job descriptions or employment fields. Harassment in the workplace is intolerable at any job, not just from the perspective of the law, but also from that of the person who has experienced it.

Employers are Obligated to Stop Harassment in The Workplace.

It is the employers’ responsibility what happens in their workplaces. According to the doctrine of vicarious liability, employers are liable for harassment in the workplace. This is dependent on the individual harassing you.

Employers are Obligated To Notify Employees of Their Workplace Rights

Posters like the “EEO is the Law” are required for employers who are covered by federal employment laws. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides this mandatory poster and requires that the employer post it in a conspicuous place where notices are normally posted. Also all payroll records and wage calculation methods must also be kept for a minimum of two years.

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Knoxville Harassment Lawyer Fighting for Victims Rights.

A workplace free of unlawful harassment should be fair and equal. Workplaces that are permeated with unwelcome harassment, intimidation, ridicule, or insults that are so serious or widespread that they interfere with job performance are considered hostile work environments. The Tennessee employment attorney at our plaintiff workplace harassment law firm has successfully represented many clients who have been victims of unlawful workplace harassment in Tennessee.

Tennessee Statute of Limitations on Employment Law Claims

A statute of limitations applies to claims of harassment in the workplace. You will lose your right to sue for employment law claims if you miss this deadline. The EEOC may allow you to file a complaint as little as 300 days after the incident occurred.

What qualifies as a hostile work environment?

Hostile work environments that are based on protected characteristics or classes are prohibited under federal and Tennessee employment law. In Tennessee, the following classes are protected:

  • Sex
  • National origin
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Color
  • Creed
  • Age

Harassment must be imposed on one of the protected characteristics listed above in order to qualify as a hostile work environment in the legal sense. A coworker or supervisor’s rudeness, inappropriateness, abrasion, or bullying at work is generally legal, provided the behavior is not based on a protected class. An employee can be terminated for unfair reasons, such as bad management, personality conflicts, and favoritism

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As with any legal matter you should know what your rights and options are. We have a team of Tennessee employment attorneys that have decades of experience representing plaintiffs’ rights in Tennessee employment law matters. Our Tennessee employment attorney is prepared to fight employers on behalf of our harassment in the workspace clients.

We are dedicated to serving the East Tennessee community and are here to help you with Tennessee employment law matters. If you are a victim of  harassment at your place of employment, contact our Tennessee employment attorney and set an appointment  for your free case review

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